Monday, 17 September 2007

Axles and diffs

I have no idea what sort of axles and diffs I have on my Land Rover Santana 3.5 diesel 6 cylinder Station Wagon (DL Super).

They are not like any axles on any of the Land Rovers I have owned. They are not Rover, and they are not Salisbury. Could they be ENV? Both front and rear axles are very big and strong.

Can anyone shed any light on them for me?

Front axle

Front axle

Front axle

Front axle number

Rear axle

Rear axle

Rear axle

Rear axle number

If you have any idea please comment below (anonymous usually works ok). Thanks. Adrian


Vicent said...

I have the same axles in my iveco massif

roughseasinthemed said...

Hi Vicent

Thanks very much for your comment, really appreciate you telling us that.

Can you post some photos on your English blog?? I know it's not exactly relevant but .... I'm sure you could find something to say about it :)

Thanks again for your time, and for reading my blog.