Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Into the hills.....

Two weeks ago we set off for a drive into the hills. Down the river bed...and...er...well, we got no further. As you can see from the previous post.

Anyway this weekend, we avoided that particular river bed and went across a proper one. Totally dry though. When the snows melt this is not just a rio, it is a rio and a half. Impassable. But there is no snow at the moment. And there is no agua, tanpoco.

Rio Velez

Some years ago a Landy mate who owns a SIII came to visit us. We took him on the same route (in the Santana). He liked the tracks and the river beds. He didn't seem keen on our isolated destination in the hills. Hell, he is a city boy after all.

Anyway, we drove up to the same cool village. The Santana is great up hills. I am not.

Anyone who has read my other blog will realise I get vertigo. Especially when going up steep hills quickly - eg the Rock of Gibraltar - in a small nippy car.

The mirador - a viewpoint across the hills

But going up steep hills, in a solid Santana, in second gear and just climbing, climbing, and climbing, with that safe solid burble is no problem.

No gratuitous shots of stuck vehicle this time.

Not even we would get stuck here and NO that is not our 4x4 going up the road. Obviously

Some more scenery. 4x4 advisable in winter though. Especially if you want to go down a track.

Houses situated in totally inaccessible spots

The barren hillside

Village photos on Itchyfeetatforty. This is a Land Rover blog after all.

For those of you who can't be bothered to click on Itchyfeet...
Canillas is 649m above sea level.
21 or so km from the coast.
And Maroma behind is the highest mountain in Málaga at 2,065m.
These are not small hills.

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