Sunday, 2 March 2008

Air filter

Adrian wasn't looking forward to cleaning out the air filter.

He'd been promising to do it since before Christmas but it seems it was one of those dirty jobs he doesn't like doing.

Lesson One Adrian. Have Land Rover - get dirty.

Anyway, he finally promised that he really really would do it yesterday. And he did. He didn't even get very dirty.

Step 1
Unbolt from housing. The bolts were tight but not too difficult to undo. Take out, and give the hinges a quick spray.

Step 2
The bolt on the top of the element cover had been overtightened and needed a shifting spanner to undo it. Take element out, wipe Spanish campo dust off the element and the housing with cloth.

Step 3
Put back together.

Pretty simple really.

Part details
Mann filter no C14179/1 - the same as for a Land Rover Series III 109 3.5 V8.

Taking it out

That didn't take long

A quick spray of the hinges

Clean element and clean housing

Element, housing and hose

Putting the element back

Screwing the butterfly bolt back

Fitting the top

Screwing the butterfly bolt on the top

All back together in the housing

Putting it back in the bay

Hose connected back up

Last step - tightening up the butterfly bolts

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Anonymous said...

I liked lesson 1, I need to use those lessons here...........

I have one just like that Adrian.


j and M