Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Marbella to Málaga

Another toll road (peaje) post.

First point, the prices went up on the first of June.

Needless to state it was still quiet, with no arsey drivers. Some speeding but not the arsey types you get on the busy non-toll roads.

So the price of the toll road to avoid San Pedro, which runs between Estepona and Marbella, has gone up from 2.55€ to 4.15€.

Luckily we set off on 31st May so at least half of our journey was at cheap prices. We were so impressed with the last trip we did, that we tackled another toll road between Marbella and Fuengirola. This cuts out all the coastal stretch - Calahonda, Elviria, Mijas Costa, El Faro etc etc.

On the ordinary road, there are nice views out to sea, but the endless urbanisation is depressing and there is consistently bad driving on the N340 here. This is partly because the slip roads to enter the N340 - dual carriageway - are nearly all non-existent. Everyone has to grind to a halt, and then try and enter traffic travelling minimum 50mph/80kph from a standing start in first gear. So naturally instead of slowing down and stopping, drivers try and cruise straight on, despite not having right of way. And every single slip road has a stop sign.

So Marbella to Fuengirola on the toll road costs 3.75€ - or at least it did on Sunday. It now costs 6.10€. Today it was windy and hot. The temperature gauge climbed to half way, and we reckon it was well over thirty degrees. When we stopped at the rest area, the dog was jumping around on the pavement because it was hot for his feet so we put him back inside to drink his water.

The rest area (Los Altos de Marbella) was good - immaculately clean, the food looked delicious (we had taken sandwiches), loads of parking (no shade), and superb long slip roads.

We did buy a couple of things - Lay's Artesanas crisps, 95 cents for a small bag, 3.25€ for a big one, a can of coke is 1.15€, and beer (for non-drivers) is between 1.50€ and 1.70€. Note, there is currently a promotion on for Carlsberg, one costs 1.70€ and you can get three for 3.10€. This is actually at the petrol station Sprint shop rather than the slightly posher Medas restaurant/cafeteria/shop. There is food available at both.

If we hadn't taken sandwiches we would have eaten at Medas, the tortilla looked delicious and so did the salads and sandwiches, which were freshly made on request. It is also no-smoking - another plus point.

In fact we must have spent at least half an hour sitting outside enjoying the peace and tranquillity in the mountains.

Incidentally the men on the toll booth are surly and the women are smiley. Oh, and I might have confused the prices, it could be 6.15€ and 4.10€ but it's near enough.

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Letty A Little Girl With Many Curls said...

oh you know how much I love your pics, these are beautiful.

I recall the first time I went abroad, travelling from Calais through France, and the rest areas were always so much nicer than the UK ones. Food was so good and high quality.

oh sorry not visited for a while, so many blogs, so little time, but I love the music on here! Santana one of my faves!

J x