Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday morning starter?

Nigel mentioned he had a problem with his Discovery (1). It's a V8. Sounded like the starter motor to Adrian, so off he went to take it out for him.

It took some time when he first took ours out from the Series III many years ago, he didn't realise that it wasn't just two threaded bolts, but that they are allen head studs, so an allen key/socket is needed to remove them.

But with that at the back of his mind, he went over there this morning fully equipped.

'It shouldn't take long,' he said. A famous Land Rover quote. With that in mind I printed off some geocaching info, although realised that was unlikely to happen.

And some three hours later, he had finally got it out. No geocaching but a successful starter motor day. When Nigel gets it fixed, he will put it back in for him.

A couple of comments. Adrian was working on the street under the Disco which is much lower down than our Series and our Santana. The three hours includes driving there, and loading and unloading tools.

It's not a difficult job, it is awkward, it can be frustrating, and you have to clean out any crud ie oil, gunge, dirt, before you can get the allen key to fit. If anyone doesn't know where it is, it's under the manifold on the driver's side.

One of the difficult things was to remove the electrical connections to the solenoid, he had to take out the starter motor before he could remove the nuts.

There was also a stud that he couldn't see. There was one that came out of the top, one wasn't there in the bottom (but should have been) but the starter motor still wouldn't come out. So then he had to feel around to eventually find the third one.

Finally, the starter motor is the original factory fitted one from 1991 - even had the original cable tie holding it together. Eighteen years - not bad value for money there.

Nigel - didn't lose patience and was great at passing the tools.

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