Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What a pane (5) - Cracked it!

Last but not least, the windscreen.

This was the one we really lacked confidence for. Anyways, usual story, knock out all broken glass. Remove window seal and get rid of rest of glass.

Lubricate both faces of seal. Refit to glass. Start to insert glass and seal, slowly and carefully into frame.

Fuck it up at last corner. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Plan B

Undo all bolts from roof and jack up with hi-lift jack. Place bits of wood at each side and then remove HLJ.

Take out frame. Take to glass firm in La Linea (Carglass). Return on appointed day - come tomorrow, mañana of course - which was Fiesta! For ever! so shop was shut. Slouch home miserably.

Wait for them to ring - which they did a few days later, asking where we were?

Go to collect glass. Ouch!! Cost more than everything else put together.

Refit. In reverse order. Luckily it hadn't rained.

And there we are. All sorted. Give or take striker plates, and a few other door problems. But hey, looks a hell of a sight better than it did.

Costs, and lessons learned on final post to follow.

Check out the new music on the sidebar. It's relevant.

Had a bit of a musical fit with this one too - every caption sings a song.

Who shot the sheriff?

Heart of glass?

Broken down angel

Highway to hell

Spanners - from the album 'A spanner in the works'

Broken down

Led Zep - The Rover

Jumping jack flash

The Jack

The very best - hit the road, Jack

Wild Rover

Breaking glass

Back on the road again

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